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About Us

The name “Prabhuji” is symbolic of joy and taste in the purest form. We can trace the origins of our legacy to Mr. Prabhu Shankar Agarwal. The founder of a successful company that offered Indian households the widest selection of snacks. In 1937, his grandfather, Mr. Ganga Bishen Agarwal, commonly known as "Haldi," used his talent for producing delicious Bhujiya to open a modest shop called "Haldiram Bhujiawala" in Bikaner, Rajasthan. While the business gained momentum in Bikaner, his son Mr. Rameshwar Lal Agarwal moved to Kolkata with his family.

Bas Mauka Chahiye Ji

Thereby, his son, Mr. Prabhu Shankar Agarwal of the third generation of the family established a small business of sweets and namkeen in Kolkata. East Indian households enjoyed the flavourful snacks, but "Haldiram" had grown to stand for a number of businesses within the family. It was challenging to distinguish between the distinctive foods made by the Agarwal family because there were so many brands operating under the same name. As a result,

"Prabhuji" was started by Mr. Manish Agarwal, the family's fourth generation. It continued the legacy while providing flavourful snacks to the consumers.

Mr. Manish Agarwal is dedicated to providing his clients with pure, unadulterated goodness. He makes sure that clients experience the real ingredients and divine flavours of Prabhuji by using cutting-edge technologies in food sourcing, extruding, and packaging. He operates two very effective manufacturing facilities in West Bengal and adheres to strict quality control.

Each box of Prabhuji delivers the authentic taste of Indian cuisine.



Mr. Ganga Bishen Agarwal founded the legendary Haldiram brand in a small shop in Bikaner, Rajasthan


Mr. Rameshwar Lal Agarwal and his family arrive In Kolkata


Mr. Prabhu Shankar Agarwal founded Haldlram's Prabhuji as a way of taking his grandfather's legacy forward


Mr. Manish Agarwal launched the exclusive brand of Prabhuji Pure Foods to distinguish its heavenly taste and authentic flavours.